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Ebook affiliate marketing was one of the first highly effective marketing strategies used on the net. Throughout the ages books were used to convey information. With technology, the only thing that has changed is the format. Previously you stored books on bookshelves, today they get stored on hard drives.

This type of affiliate marketing gives a slightly different slant to an ebook. Text, images, links to web pages and navigation controls form part of the affiliate marketers' ebook to promote a product or service. It still is a major part of online marketing.

With an ebook, affiliate marketing has the potential to make you a top earning affiliate marketer. Share your personal story and experience with products or services. When you include links to your product sales pages, your ebook becomes your trusted "salesperson."

Ebook affiliate marketing promotes the products or services you are an affiliate for. To be extremely successful in ebook affiliate marketing, the content has to captivate your reader. Provide them with quality and informative information. Use your unique experience to tell the story how a product or service has helped you to overcome a problem. Personal stories are a testimonial that will build trust with your reader.

ebook affiliate marketing

Tell your story in the same style as if you were talking to a friend. A great way to do this is to visualize your friend and tell her exactly what the problem was, how you "suffered" and battled to get a solution until you tried …. Always include the features and benefits of the product. Explain how the product has changed your life. The benefit should be for example a better quality of life, more time, glowing skin, radiant smile…. You get the idea?

Include links in the ebook to take the reader back to your site or that of the product page you promote. The links should contain your unique affiliate id, registered with the company whose products you promote.

Make it clear to the reader in the first three pages of your ebook that the ebook can be distributed freely. As soon as your ebook gets passed on to a friend, the viral marketing effect takes place and grows exponentially.

Check spelling and grammar and verify every link in the ebook before you publish it on the net. Last thing you want to happen is a "page not found" error. This can do more damage than you'll realize. Immediately the reader would be reluctant to forward the ebook to a friend. It will stay on their hard drive until it gets deleted.

Put customized graphics and links in strategic places throughout your web pages to advertise your ebook. The more your ebook gets downloaded, the greater the chances are that it will be forwarded to friends. It's therefore necessary to create an easy accessible and highly visible download link for users.

Post your ebook to an ebook directory to create an awareness of your ebook. (I use Scribd.com and eBookdirectory.com) You'll also build backlinks to your web site to get increased search engine traffic. Backlinks increase the page rank or "importance" of your web site in the eyes of the search engines. The web pages will get "preference" in search engine rankings and will rank higher whenever a reader is doing a search.

Ebook affiliate marketing is extremely successful when used with integrity and care. It's a highly effective technique to let your sales soar to heights where even skyrockets will battle to keep up.

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