Affiliate Marketing Statistics
Report Reveals Surprising Information

The affiliate marketing statistics report, published by Affiliate Summit in June 2009, reveals some shocking surprises about the industry. The methods and preferences of approximately 450 affiliates were surveyed. Some of them have been involved with online marketing since 1996.

The statistics report reveals answers to 28 questions asked to affiliates during the survey. The report is rich in graphics which makes interpretation easy. Use it to benchmark your own efforts in the industry.

I found it interesting that 48 percent of affiliates have been involved with online marketing since 2005. It's also notable from the report that an average of five percent of affiliate marketers who start in a given year will remain in the industry. Is this the five percent who'll turn out to be very successful in their online marketing efforts?

Still, 50 percent of the affiliates earn less than one thousand dollars. Is this because they are still new to the business or is it because they are doing it part-time where time constraints plays a role?

I would have preferred to see a comparison between the earnings and the number of years they have been in the industry. This could be an indication of the average learning curve before affiliates really "get it" to become part of the elite group of marketers.

Reading through the opinions of the affiliates, it is clear that affiliate managers need to take note of the burning issues. Timely communication still plays an important role.

The affiliate marketing statistics report includes a glossary that explains the terminology used. A list of message boards and blogs for the dedicated affiliate marketer is a welcome added resource.

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